Hello! I'm Robbie, an NTU graduate with a focus on branding, motion and typography.

These Small Steps
2D Motion, 3D Motion

‘Conceive and produce an animation to accompany one of the two selected audio files that will clarify, energise and illuminate the VoiceOver supplied.’

For this piece, I aimed to tackle the complex issue of climate change through the a minimalistic, geometric lens to both make the content accessible, and force viewers to challenge the ideas and shape their own interpretations.

Spotify Charts
2D Motion, UI/UX

D&AD New Blood Yellow Pencil

Create a feature within Spotify that helps people easily share their content and get people talking about it on their social feeds.

My solution to the brief was integrating a personalised version of the charts into the app — you invite a group of friends into your personal group, and a realtime ‘charts’ playlist is created based on the streaming of only your group. At the end of each month, a round-up is supplied that gives you insights into the month’s streaming, such as who streamed the most, who discovered the most new songs, and who streamed other’s discoveries the most.

Rebuilding a Nation
Campaign, 3D

With COVID-19 effectively isolating the world from each other for an entire year — plenty of people have felt the loneliest they ever have.

Further, those living alone were unable to prepare to welcome friends back into their homes with furnishing, as often large flatpack furniture such as sofas requires multiple people to construct.

To combat this, I developed a campaign for IKEA in which they offered their assembly service free of charge to those living alone. This allowed those individuals to focus on improving the space that everyone has spent the lion’s share of time in as of late: home.

The campaign made light of typical flatpack fails: chairs assembled the wrong way up, door handles attached backwards, and chest of drawers mounted incorrectly.

Navigation Branding
Branding, Type Design

As my (largely online) studies came to an end, I decided that I wanted a souvenir from the city I’ve called home for the past three years.

I went on numerous walks fully exploring the city, and found a piece of type within the city that resonated — then creating the full character set from it, and an accompanying type specimen.

The piece of type I found was situated on an old warehouse, previously owned by the Trent Navigation Company, who were in charge of maintaining the rivers and canals of nottingham in the 1900s.

From this, I decided to create a faux nightclub, based inside this iconic, listed building — making a nod towards the previous owners through the name: Navigation.

The Once in a Lifetime Alignment
Editorial, Type Design

The Voyager mission is the longest running space mission in the world, and still going. With 44 years under their belt, the two probes have made incredible discoveries. However, not only are they the longest running mission — they are also the furthest two man-made objects from Earth in existence. A mission that truly deserves celebrating.

This project aims to do that, providing a timeline of their discoveries, and highlighting the true scale of their discoveries. One page for every year the mission has been running, in a concertina format.

The result is a nine metre long timeline, highlighting their discoveries and long journey into the total darkness of interstellar space. It also features a custom built eight-bit version of Helvetica, as the transmitters within the probes are no stronger than the lightbulb in your fridge but yet we continue to communicate and learn from them everyday.

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